The Incentive Charging


Investigation and door-to-door dsitribution

The investigation and door-to-door distribution phase is complete. For users who have not yet recovered their bins, find the information here.

What's the Incentive Charging ?

It is an individual bill which takes into account, for each household, its production of residual household waste (non recoverable waste). And with her:

  • the generalization of collection in individual bins or less frequently in PAC (Point d’Apports Collectifs/ Collective input point)
  • adaptation of the frequency and the calendar of collection corresponding the reduce of waste’s production
  • reinforced support for sort and reduction of waste (composters, sorting

Why set it up?

  • Reduce our waste generation in relation to environmental issues and legal objectives.
  • Control rising waste management costs and user bills.
  • Implement a more fair and equitable billing system.

What are our objectives?


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